Subject: Saw storage
ATTN. all crosscut and saddle saw owners ,
Now is the time to start getting your saws ready for winter. Take them out of their scabbards or sheaths.
If there is any dirt or pitch on them, clean with a solvent. I'm hoping they are still sharp. The best way I've
found to protect the steel is to put a heavy coat of car wax on the metal. Be very careful so you don't cut
your fingers. Do the main part of the saw first, then carefully work out to the teeth. Do not put the saw
back into the carrier! Hang your crosscut saw vertical, from a nail, and you saddle saw by the handle,also
vertical. Next Spring, take a heavy cloth and wipe the excess wax off your saw , and you are ready to go.
I've also found that coating the saw with wax,  makes sawing much easier, sliding in the kerf . 
If you have any questions, call me.

Vern Jahnke


For distribution October 2017

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