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ABOVE: What a wonderful 2015 Christmas Party we had.....

Mike Pluth, thank you for stepping up and getting the party all lined up!  The location at the St. Patricks Episcopal Church Hall worked out great as well as the Caterer, June Marquez did a fabulous job cooking for us all.  We  had quite the challenge with the weather, it snowed all day and night!  We had lots of help with decorating the hall meeting at 10 am.  Mike Pluth, Bob Parsons, Ted Wortman, Laurel Penwell, Tara McElhinney, Nancy Seay and Kristie Hefling all spent 2 - 3 hours setting up tables & chairs and putting up decorations!   The weather was very bad but we still had a wonderful turnout, unfortunately we had a few couples that couldn't make it because of the bad roads and weather.  We had prizes for Best Belt Buckle, Best Hat, Best Boots, Best Buns (tush) and Best Dressed.  Music was provided by Bob Parsons and his smart phone and Bose speakers, thanks so much Bob.  It was Bob and Laura Volger's 41st wedding anniversary and the club got them a cake to help them celebrate.  June Marquez did a wonderful job as caterer and.... she is a wonderful singer/performer and came out at the end of the evening and sang a few Christmas songs and had us join in....it was really fun and special!  Then we had some line dancing going on with Kristie Hefling, Kelli Day, Laurel Penwell (English). and Aurora Peters doing the electric slide, lots of fun and next year we will have more dancing. A big thank you to all who stayed and helped put tables and chairs away, clean up and take down decorations and helped to carry everything out!   THANK YOU to all that helped to make the 2015 SJBCH Christmas Party such a huge success! 

ABOVE PHOTO ​JUNE 2015:  San Juan Back Country Horsemen, from left, John Nelson, Vern Jahnke and Bob Volger surprised Lisa McClure, trails and Wilderness coordinator with the Divide Ranger District, with a certificate of appreciation at a district safety meeting in Del Norte on June 22. The certificate reads: “San Juan Back Country Horsemen sincerely thanks you for helping to develop a strong and productive partnership between SJBCH and the U.S. Forest Service. Projects such as the Thirty-Mile Stock Unloading Area and Archuleta Trail demonstrate what can be accomplished when we work together to care for our public lands. You are a great ambassador for the Forest Service and Divide Ranger District.” (The photographer apologizes for the fuzzy photo and blames the early morning hour for the lack of clarity.)

Photo by Lisa Nelson

SJBCH preparing to ride in the 2015 Rotary 4th of July parade in Pagosa Springs, CO. 2015



2014 News - Photos & Happenings.

Another slideshow below.......

2014 - Social Rides, Mentoring Rides & Camp Outs, Fun Rides with Friends, and more.....



BELOW: ​Smokey the Bear joined in for a hands-on demonstration of crosscut saws, sponsored by the San Juan Backcountry Horsemen of Pagosa Springs at the 50th anniversary celebration of the Wilderness Act in Durango. San Juan Backcountry Horsemen  John  & Lisa Nelson, Bob Volger, Vern Jahnke and Nancy Seay showed several young sawyers how to safely use crosscut saws, which are indispensable to the volunteers in helping clear trails in the Weminuche Wilderness. (Photo by Lisa Nelson)  2014


Equine Warning Law
Colorado - WARNING –
Under Colorado Law, an equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities, pursuant to section 13-21-119, Colorado Revised Statutes.

​(above) San Juan Back Country Horsemen, from left, Gary Staplekamp, Hugh Jones and Vern Jahnke, re-weld corral panels at the Thirty-Mile Stock Unloading 
Area northwest of Creede on the Divide Ranger District. A matching grant from Back Country Horsemen of Colorado will be used to install informational and safety signs for horse riders and other recreationists who visit the area near the Rio Grande Reservoir. (Photo by John Nelson)

click this link to read the entire article about Grants

Volunteers with San Juan Back Country Horsemen, from left, Bo Reneau, 
John Nelson and Bob Volger clear downed trees from Williams Creek Trail. 
A matching grant to SJBCH from the National Wilderness Stewardship 
Alliance will provide funding this year to fix a mud bog section of the trail. 
(Photo by Lisa Nelson)

A LITTLE INFORMATION REGARDING THE NATIONAL TRAILS DAY AT THE ANDERSON TRAIL: from an email from John Nelson: ​  We selected that date because it will coincide with a visit from two college students from Sweden who have selected SJBCH for a class project on 'social entrepreneurship'. They want to interview BCH members about what we do and who benefits from our volunteer work. They are excited to see our volunteer efforts in action and also explore some of the challenges (e.g. fundraising) that we face. The students also want to film some of our activities with the end result being a short documentary. Vern's chance to do his John Wayne impression, be a movie star. They may even be here to see our entry in the Fourth of July parade. They are really looking forward to working with us on Anderson Trail.

(ABOVE Photo 2, Swedes interviewing Tara)
SJBCH President Tara McElhinney, left, is interviewed by Swedish university students Christina Souri, center, and Gunilla Westlund for a class project on social entrepreneurship. The Swedes chose SJBCH because of the chapter's volunteer efforts to clear and maintain trails in the backcountry.
Photo by Lisa Nelson


​ABOVE PHOTO: Anderson Trail group shot
On hand for the Anderson Trail project day on June 30 were (on horseback, from left) Nancy Seay and Donna Fait; (middle row, from left) Tyler Albers, Pagosa Ranger District trails foreman, Kat "Pickles" Nelson, Lisa Nelson, Christina Souri and Gunilla Westlund; (front row, from left) Ros Wu, Pagosa Ranger District Wilderness program manager, Bob Volger, John Nelson and Vern Jahnke. Not pictured, Bev Warburton who had to leave early.
Photo by friendly hiker



Place for the 1st time in the Pagosa Rotary Parade......